Glass Waves

These are my hand made glass waves---a concept that came to mind and I was able to bring to life a few years back and now they're in production as time permits.
 With these I combine the destructive element of heavy sandcarving with the delicate process of high heating.

My waves start as flat glass which I first create the textures and contours then slowly heat the glass to around 1300 degrees where it reaches a softened state and is bendable.

  Many waves get a single heating session which is around 15 hours for heating and cooling and some get a second round of heating and that is how I get the  greater pitch of a barreling type wave.

  These are a lot of fun to create because I'm never certain how they'll turn out, and surprises are often! And just like in nature, no two waves are ever alike and each has it's own personality!!
 Also, not every wave actually comes to life---glass is quite temperamental  and adding the abuse of carvings with extreme heat puts the glass under great stress...all too often the glass cracks while heating up
 But if you have a passion for waves and the ocean(like I do), you're sure to enjoy these!